The Smart Watermark

Our ‘smart watermark’ stays out of the way until it needs to be there. It’s meant to encourage people to embed your work instead of just taking it with a download or screenshot.

Embedding an image is a more powerful way to control your work. It allows you to attach credits, track views and add links to every image online. You can also restrict certain websites from using it if you want.

These watermarks are not meant to be foolproof, but rather provide a little friction against casual theft. Most people don’t realize that images belong to some one, and this is a way to make taking an image more deliberate. EXIF embeds gives an alternative way for people to share your work, give credit, all while you keep control of the original.

Our watermark balances security without sacrificing the viewing experience. Additionally, the embed gives well-meaning people and publications with an easy way to use the image. Each embed includes easy access to the embed code

Read more about our goals for the watermark and service.